Does bridging users and content via a CDN speed up your website?

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The Content Delivery Network (or CDN) is one of the basics of web performance. By acting as an online ‘relay’, it allows you to create a bridge between content and users. This ensures that the distance information must travel from server to user is as short as possible – and the shorter the distance, the faster the response.

For those who wish to optimise loading times, this technique is often the first port of call. Yet how do you measure its impact? Should you use one CDN or several? And how do you choose between them? Let’s cast the spotlight on this invaluable solution.

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Web performance risks: spotlight on JavaScript vs. low-end mobiles

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As a website publisher, aspects such as content, architecture and design fall under your responsibility. And yet, even if you implement all of the optimisations and best practices, the browsing habits of your users is out of your hands (particularly when it comes to devices and networks).
We explore the risks associated with JavaScript in terms of loading times on low-end mobiles, drawing upon the experience of web performance expert and consultant Jean-Pierre Vincent.

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PageSpeed Insights: What’s the score? 1/2

Google Lighthouse score

In order to measure loading times or analyse web performance, many of us turn to PageSpeed Insights. But have you ever wondered how the scores are calculated? What does it really mean to score 50, 70 or 90? And is it even possible to reach 100? Let’s take a look at how Google does its maths.

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Test My Site: how to use it for your mobile loading times?

Test My Site with Google En

Have you tried to measure the speed of your website with Test My Site?
When Google released a new version of its web performance testing tool, one of our web performance experts, Anthony Barré, looked into it to decipher the testing conditions and analyze the results.
Let’s observe why it is mainly a tool for marketing, with limitations when it comes to the web performance community.

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