A/B testing: imperative to marketing, perilous to web performance

AB testing


Did you know that, while your website is loading content, every second of blank page = 1000 points deducted on the Speed Index? During an A/B test, it’s inevitable that a website will take longer to display. We spoke with independent web performance expert Jean-Pierre Vincent, who highlighted that, even though these tests are often necessary and beneficial to marketing, they ought to be handled with care because of their impact on loading times.

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Digital strategy & e-commerce: the importance of loading time

E-commerce Loading time webperf digital strategy

Whether you are an expert in e-commerce, marketing or SEO / SEA, you have one thing in common: a high concern for UX. And you should! Did you know that a website’s loading time is what really counts for users?

UX is an essential issue for the user who visits your e-commerce website and who discovers your brand’s DNA! Fast loading times for desktop and mobile browsing contribute to a quality experience, which turns in favour of high conversion rates.

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CMS and loading time

What Content Management System (CMS) should you choose to guarantee the optimum load time for your website’s pages? Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress, Hybris, or a home-made platform... Looking beyond what each promises to bring, is there such a thing as the perfect CMS when it comes to speed?

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Traffic Limiter: to enable the overflow page in case of traffic spike

When you’re holding Sales promotions or on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, an overflow page – or traffic easing system – allows you to define a maximum number of active sessions to keep your servers up and running, thus minimizing the loss of potential customers. This feature, which we call Traffic Limiter on our platform, is now available for all our users, and is easy to enable from the dashboard.

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Insight: compare your website’s speed with and without Fasterize

Have you heard about Insight, the Fasterize solution that allows you to analyse rapidly and for free the speed of your website? Thanks to Insight, you could be taking the first step towards the optimization of your web performance: a preliminary diagnosis which is essential to make your website faster, improve the user experience and thus generate more business. Here's how and why you should use it without moderation.

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[Case study] How a leading cosmetics company chose Fasterize

case study Fasterize
This global leader in cosmetics operates in a fiercely competitive market and aims to consolidate its position by offering its customers a high-performance website and optimal user experience. The brand has chosen to include its website speeds in its strategy, as it understands the drawbacks of a slow website (81% of French web users would think twice before buying from a slow site).

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