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Digital transformation of banking and insurance websites has become a reality in recent years, but there is still a long way to go to meet the high expectations of users and Google. Users are looking for a smooth, flawless, reliable experience. To support your strategy and move towards a digital-first model, it is essential to improve loading speed, increase user engagement and win the trust of your users, by providing an optimal web experience.

With EdgeSpeed, you can deliver a seamless user experience :

Optimised web performance

Increased conversions

Stronger brand image

Improved user engagement

Floa Bank

Some web performance figures

Banking :

of leading banking sites have a poor LCP in Google's eyes (less than 3 Core Web Vitals in green)
of leading banking websites do not meet Google's requirements

Core Web Vitals

fid moyen banque

Avergae FID
38 ms

Average LCP
2,931 s

Average CLS

Insurance :

of leading insurance sites have a poor LCP score in Google’s eyes
of leading insurance websites do not meet Google's requirements (less than 3 Core Web Vitals in green)

Core Web Vitals

Average FID
17 ms

Average LCP
2,450 s

Average CLS

Accelerate your website and your digital transformation

Conversion funnels

Users can get frustrated and abandon their request halfway through. Say goodbye to interminable conversion funnels! Speed up your pages with EdgeSpeed and turn your visitors into customers by giving them a smooth experience.

Digital transformation

Provide a fast, simple digital pathway that ensures a smooth transition to an optimal digital experience. Reduce waiting times, eliminate friction and maximise your chances of conversion.

Customer experience

Help your customers to access the information they need quickly, complete transactions smoothly and enjoy efficient service. Deliver a smooth user experience in line with their new expectations, to increase customer satisfaction and foster customer loyalty.

Reliability and commitment

The performance of your pages has a direct impact on your brand image and the trust of your users. Guarantee fast loading times and a seamless interface, thereby boosting the reliability of your services and encouraging user engagement.

What they say...

Radically improving our website’s performance would have required several months of work from the technical team, not to mention maintenance, monitoring and constant adjustments afterwards. When we implemented Fasterize, it only took an hour for the IT Department to accelerate our pages permanently, instead of a year!


Pauline Pourchez

SEO Manager - SanteVet

The audit recommendations have been good for the front-end of our current site, and we're capitalising on them in our redesign project, as well as with the other sites in our eco-system. This audit hasn’t just been good for the website either – it's also given our teams an opportunity to grow their knowledge and expertise with the support of recognised web performance experts !

vincent heckel

Vincent Heckel

(ex) Web Performance Manager - Cetelem

When you collect data about a website's performance, it's not always easy to interpret it and apply the right techniques. So, rather than going astray and spreading our efforts too thinly, we chose to work with Fasterize to get an in-depth analysis and relevant recommendations.

Julien Brec

(ex) IT Manager - Floa Bank

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