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 Protect your website against attacks at low cost

WAF - Web Application Firewall - Risques de sécurité

A WAF to protect your website against major threats

Attacks may come from professionals, amateurs or malicious competitors:

  • DDoS attack causing the unavailability of your pages or your entire website
  • Injection attacks, cross-site scripting, HTTP protocol violations ...
  • Features degradation
  • Data theft
  • Content scrapping ...
WAF - Protection contre les risques - Sécurité et performance web site web

A WAF to anticipate risks in the event of an attack

In addition to the time spent restoring your platform - sometimes manually - the consequences in the event of an attack or a security failure also concern your business:

  • Negative impact on your image and loss of sales
  • Increased cost of bandwidth (up to 30% of traffic comes from robots ... expensive and unnecessary)
  • Data corruption
  • Stock emptied by dummy orders


Solution WAF - Web Performance

The perks of Fasterize WAF

Ensure the availability of your website and all your data at attractive rates!

  • Filtering of non-HTTP / HTTPS traffic, protection from attacks at layers 3 and 4
  • Managed service with the possibility of retrieving logs to build a personalized dashboard
  • Managed rules updated regularly
  • Easy & custom implementation in addition to web performance optimizations, with Fasterize as a single entry point
  • Competitive pricing based on your traffic

99% of attacks detected on the infrastructure neutralized in less than 1 second!

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