A/B testing: imperative to marketing, perilous to web performance

AB testing


Did you know that, while your website is loading content, every second of blank page = 1000 points deducted on the Speed Index? During an A/B test, it’s inevitable that a website will take longer to display. We spoke with independent web performance expert Jean-Pierre Vincent, who highlighted that, even though these tests are often necessary and beneficial to marketing, they ought to be handled with care because of their impact on loading times.

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Mobile website loading times: how to use Test My Site?

Test My Site with Google En

Have you tried to measure the speed of your website with Test My Site?
When Google released a new version of its web performance testing tool, one of our web performance experts, Anthony Barré, looked into it to decipher the testing conditions and analyze the results.
Let’s observe why it is mainly a tool for marketing, with limitations when it comes to the web performance community.

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CMS and loading time

What Content Management System (CMS) should you choose to guarantee the optimum load time for your website’s pages? Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress, Hybris, or a home-made platform... Looking beyond what each promises to bring, is there such a thing as the perfect CMS when it comes to speed?

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