E-Commerce: should you turn to AMP format?


In order to improve your loading times, you may well be tempted to format a new version of your website in Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). In theory, the smoother the browsing experience, the faster your customers can complete their orders and the better your chances of boosting conversion rates. But is there a catch? Is the format viable for e-commerce? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons.

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Web performance risks: spotlight on JavaScript vs. low-end mobiles

mobile phone smartphone

As a website publisher, aspects such as content, architecture and design fall under your responsibility. And yet, even if you implement all of the optimisations and best practices, the browsing habits of your users is out of your hands (particularly when it comes to devices and networks).
We explore the risks associated with JavaScript in terms of loading times on low-end mobiles, drawing upon the experience of web performance expert and consultant Jean-Pierre Vincent.

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5 misconceptions about web performance

wrong way webperf

Do you wish to take control of your website’s loading time? This is no trivial matter because, when an e-commerce website is too slow, this can increase the shopping cart abandonment rate by 75% and decrease customer loyalty by 50%. It would be a shame to waste your efforts to attract and retain traffic because excessive loading times have resulted in a disappointing experience.

The question is where to start and how to improve your web performance? Or do you have an idea already? Here are 5 misconceptions that you have to set aside if you are to make a success of your web performance strategy.

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A/B testing: imperative to marketing, perilous to web performance

AB testing


Did you know that, while your website is loading content, every second of blank page = 1000 points deducted on the Speed Index? During an A/B test, it’s inevitable that a website will take longer to display. We spoke with independent web performance expert Jean-Pierre Vincent, who highlighted that, even though these tests are often necessary and beneficial to marketing, they ought to be handled with care because of their impact on loading times.

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How CMSs impact loading times

What Content Management System (CMS) should you choose to guarantee the optimum load time for your website’s pages? Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress, Hybris, or a home-made platform... Looking beyond what each promises to bring, is there such a thing as the perfect CMS when it comes to speed?

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