Fasterize is an SaaS website acceleration solution.

Our optimization engine works in real time on gross website performance as well as – and above all – on the perceived speed and the user experience.
This is how Fasterize reduces desktop and mobile site loading times for a whole host of web and e-commerce players.
The company has undergone huge growth since it was founded, and was listed on the Technology Fast 50 list in 2017.

Fasterize in figures

0 years

Every month, we save web users 18,969,584 seconds. That’s 18 years!


The number of hours we spend each year on R&D to make sure we stay on top of the latest innovations in webperf.


growth in 4 years, which earned us a place on the Deloitte In Extenso Fast 50.

More than a solution: a liberated company

I wanted to build a company that was different from everything I’d seen and experienced.

Stéphane Rios

CEO, Fasterize

Fasterize needed to be a place where employees could feel fulfilled and where transparency and respect were central concepts.
It was only later, when he heard about liberated companies, that Stéphane Rios was able to put a name to his vision. Fasterize is a liberated company!

What does that mean?

The clan’s well-being is at the heart of everyone’s efforts and everyone has the same level of information with regards to all topics (contracts, spending, performance, salaries, etc.).
Fasterize is based on a climate of trust and employee recognition, so those working for the company feel able to fully express their skills. Everyone has the power to make any decision, and if their idea gets backing, they can guide the direction Fasterize takes. There is no hierarchy.

Our motto: Fasterize is a lab for learning while also having fun.

We’re continuing to build this vision of the company through a wide range of discussions and by putting in place basic processes that will allow us to adapt as we grow.

Fasterize is based in Paris but also has teams working remotely from Lyon, Brive, Orléans, Nantes and a range of other locations.

A lean company with omnipresent values

Every aspect of what we do is permeated by our values:

  • transparency
  • goodwill
  • and ‘JFID’ (Just F***ing Do It)

and from the Lean approach:

  • KISS (Keep It Simple & Stupid)
  • Fail fast
  • Remove impediments
  • Eliminate Waste
  • Measure all
  • Automate all you can
  • Embrace failure
  • Build Quality In

More than just words on paper (or on this website), we strive to apply these principles to our daily work. They’re an essential part of our way of working.

Webperf leader

Fasterize is a leading webperf player and is involved in the French webperf community.

acteur webperf

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