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Make your customers want to get away from it all and book an adventure with you. From dream to booking, we'll work with you to give your users a memorable, trouble-free travel experience. Get on board with our EdgeSpeed solution and offer your users an unforgettable online travel experience - don't leave your site sitting on the runway awaiting take off. Get ready to take off on your flight to internet success, and offer your visitors a smooth, fast online journey. Every second counts! Welcome to instant bookings. Ready to set sail for exceptional performance ?

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Best Western

Some travel industry web performance figures

of leading travel sites have a poor score
of leading travel sites have an average score

Core Web Vitals

of leading travel sites have a high LCP (a difficult metric to optimise)
have the 3 Core Web Vitals in green

Average FID
46 ms

Average LCP
3,997 s

Average CLS

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Peak load management

EdgeSpeed helps you manage those traffic peaks by optimising your site's performance, whatever the load. This means you can guarantee a smooth, fast user experience, even during busy periods. Manage the load on your travel site efficiently and maximise your conversion opportunities.

Seamless mobile user experience

Today's travellers make extensive use of their smartphones to organise their trips. Give them a smooth, optimised mobile experience. With EdgeSpeed, your site adapts to all screens and offers a pleasant browsing experience, wherever your visitors happen to be.

Fast, easy bookings

Say goodbye to long waits when booking your trips. Simplify the booking process, reduce the number of steps and forms, and guarantee rapid conversion. Give them an experience that will encourage them to return to your site to plan their next adventure. an adventure that goes without a hitch.

Stunning, high-performance images

Give your visitors something to dream about, with breathtaking images that don’t impact your website’s performance. With EdgeSpeed, you can combine stunning visuals with exceptional web performance. Deliver an immersive experience without sacrificing loading speed.

What they say...

The crawl budget is very important to us. That's because the faster pages load, the greater the number of pages that can be indexed; but that's not all: fast sites also have a better chance of appearing in Google Discover recommendations. So, during periods when people are planning their holidays, if the search engine highlights our holiday offer pages, it can have a major impact on turnover !

Séverine Antoine

SEO and Online Editorial Content Manager - TUI

Initially I had asked for image quality to be lowered in order to speed up loading times, but the marketing teams couldn't live with this constraint in the long term. Thanks to Fasterize, we were able to return to good quality images without affecting site speed. The fact that they are optimised on the fly rather than by our CMS makes the process much faster and more effective.

Jacques-Antoine Mathiou

(ex) Product Owner - Villages clubs-du-soleil

Our web performance optimisation approach is guided by 3 priorities: offer the best experience to all our users, optimise our SEO positioning with more fast, better indexed pages, and develop our mobile business. Fasterize helps us to meet all these objectives while respecting our technical constraints, and also provides in-depth knowledge of web performance.

Sébastien Bovard - Best Western

Sébastien Bovard

(ex) Digital and Information Systems Director - Best Western

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