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A fast, smooth, high-performance online experience is crucial in the world of e-commerce. Every millisecond counts in this competitive environment, where every second less loading time means an 8% increase in conversions, according to Google.

Whether you sell furniture, car parts, banking services or any other type of product or service, EdgeSpeed adapts to your specific requirements and enables you to maximise your performance, boost conversions and offer your visitors a flawless user experience.

Check out our dedicated sector pages to understand how EdgeSpeed can become your ally in outperforming your competitors, delighting your customers and boosting your growth. Whatever your sector of activity, we have the tools and expertise to help you succeed.

% of visitors
do not return to a site that has provided a poor user experience.
% of mobile users
leave a page if they have to wait more than 3 seconds.


secteur fashion
Improve the look of your website


Find out how EdgeSpeed can optimise your performance, deliver a smooth user experience and showcase your products. Attract the attention of fashionistas, convert your visitors into customers and make your mark on the fashion industry.


Fashion sector

Build your online success


Find out how our web performance solution can help you create an immersive experience, optimise your performance and boost conversions on your home furnishings website. Offer your visitors a seamless desktop and mobile experience with exciting décors, and make your mark in the minds of your customers.


Furniture sector

On the road to a high-performance site


Find out how our web performance solution can help you attract, charm and retain car enthusiasts. With optimised loading speeds, a smooth user experience and increased visibility, you can outperform your competitors and boost your conversions.


Automotive sector

Beauty health
Glow up digital


Attract cosmetics fans, increase your conversions and reveal all the beauty of your brand. Discover how our EdgeSpeed solution can make your e-commerce site shine, offering an immersive user experience and exceptional performance. Immerse yourself in a world where speed and breathtaking visuals come together to enhance your online presence.


Health & Beauty sector

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