[Case study] How a leading cosmetics company chose Fasterize

case study Fasterize
This global leader in cosmetics operates in a fiercely competitive market and aims to consolidate its position by offering its customers a high-performance website and optimal user experience. The brand has chosen to include its website speeds in its strategy, as it understands the drawbacks of a slow website (81% of French web users would think twice before buying from a slow site).

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Why you should have a Mobile First website


Is your site Mobile First? You have certainly already experienced this: the speed of the pages varies depending on the browsing conditions. On a recent desktop computer, they are displayed faster than on an entry-level 3G mobile. How to explain this phenomenon and how to improve your performance? For your UX, SEO, and conversion rates, let’s see why it’s essential – but also more difficult – to speed up a mobile website. And let’s also see why you have to work hard for a fast site on mobile, to satisfy your users and Google.

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