2020 web performance temps de chargement

Is looking after your load time in 2020 one of your New Year resolutions? Here are (a little bit more than) 20 significant statistics on web performance to ensure a good start to the year.

  • On an e-commerce website that is too slow, the basket abandonment rate can increase by 75%.
  • 1 extra second of a blank page means 1000 Speed Index points lost.
  • 80% is the share of mobile browsing among some of our retail clients (in France, 54% of Internet users use their mobile).
  • Google considers the Time To First Byte to be good if it is less than 200 ms (less than 100 ms is ideal).
  • The median Time To Interactive of the most visited mobile e-commerce websites in France in 2019 was 8058.
  • 2.4 s was the First Contentful Paint median on desktop in 2019 according to HTTParchive (that is, the start time of the first element defined in the DOM displaying on a page) and ...
    on a mobile, the FCP median was 6.4 s (more than twice as long).
  • In 2019, the French retailer Rue Du Commerce had an average Speed Index of 1072 on desktop. It is the fastest of the most frequently visited e-commerce websites in France.
  • If a web page has not finished loading after an 8 s wait, the user’s attention is lost.
  • In 2019, the median page weight of the most visited e-commerce websites in France was 2371 MB on desktop and 2365 MB for media sites.
  • 90 is the Lighthouse score that has to be achieved for a website to be considered by Google as fast.
  • A page contained an average of 53% image requests in 2019.
  • The median Time To Interactive on mobile was 9.3 s in 2019 according to HTTP Archive.
  • The median Speed Index of the most visited e-commerce websites in France in 2019 was 6771.
  • 17% of requests were still in HTTP in November 2019 for desktop sites.
  • Web pages took 6.5 s (median) to fully load on desktop in November 2019 and …
    19.8 s on mobile! (3 times longer)
  • Google is planning version 6 of Lighthouse for early this year.
    The median weight of web pages on mobile throughout the world in 2019 was 1.8 MB ...
    and 1.9 MB on desktop.

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