Find out our dedicated font optimizations

font optimizations

In our article Webperf: Optimizing font loading, we demonstrated the impact that font loading can have on site performance.
In particular, we noticed that the Speed Index and the Start Render fell by an average of 5 to 10% when fonts were not loaded.

When it comes to font optimization, the tool that’s generally recommended is Font-Squirrel. It’s a fantastic tool, but it does have the drawback of being manual. So we decided to retain its best features to develop our own automatic font optimization engine.
Here, we’ll cover:

  1. generating fonts in WOFF2 format
  2. automatically updating the CSS @font-face declaration
  3. adding the font-display property
  4. minifying fonts via the subsetting technique
  5. font autohinting for better visual rendering in Windows
  6. optimizing loading of Google Fonts

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Insight: compare your website’s speed with and without Fasterize

Have you heard about Insight, the Fasterize solution that allows you to analyse rapidly and for free the speed of your website? Thanks to Insight, you could be taking the first step towards the optimization of your web performance: a preliminary diagnosis which is essential to make your website faster, improve the user experience and thus generate more business. Here's how and why you should use it without moderation.

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Smart image optimizations to boost your web site loading speed

Image compression - Web Performance

It is often difficult to get the right trade-off between image quality and loading speed.
The ideal solution would be for each image to be adapted on a user-by-user basis: be that clipping it perfectly to the user's device screen, stripping metadata of any unnecessary information or, of course, ensuring that it is displayed with optimum image quality. But achieving this soon becomes something of a black art.

What are the techniques, best practices, best libraries and best algorithms for image compression? An overview of the image optimizations you can take advantage of with our engine, for light and fast pages, and a better user experience regardless of the browser and screen size.

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CDN, TLS & page speed: our optimizations for a fast and secure HTTPS website

Site web rapide en HTTPS : les optimisations

TLS (Transport Layer Security) encrypts traffic to and from a web site, thereby preventing other parties from eavesdropping on your data. However, adding this safeguard to your web site introduces greater complexity and affects how the site interacts with your visitors. TLS can therefore slow down the loading of your web pages and affect user experience, but it is possible to remedy! Let's take a look at how Fasterize's optimizations and our CDN allow you to ensure both the security of your web site and your page speed in HTTPS.

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Fasterize eases access to server logs

We enhanced our API to ease your server logs access.

You can now retrieve your cached page logs (whether there are cached on a CDN or on Fasterize) easily. A good news, especially for SEO professionals, who can find a lot of meaningful data in these logs. And, the icing on the cake, we are officially integrated with Botify and Screaming Frog!

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2014 : feedback from a pivotal year for Fasterize

Fasterize celebrated its 3rd anniversary this year. And in 3 years … it has grown up!
When we remember our beginnings and our adventures, we cannot help but smile!
Of course, as all startups we have experienced ups and downs, good days and bad days. But our motivation came through unscathed.
So we have decided to (re) share this wonderful year with you! Continue reading 2014 : feedback from a pivotal year for Fasterize