Fasterize celebrated its 3rd anniversary this year. And in 3 years … it has grown up!
When we remember our beginnings and our adventures, we cannot help but smile!
Of course, as all startups we have experienced ups and downs, good days and bad days. But our motivation came through unscathed.
So we have decided to (re) share this wonderful year with you!

You probably noticed, Fasterize changed its visual identity: new logo and new website ! More streamlined and responsive, it makes your navigation easier.

Our team has grown !
Even though, one of us have chosen to sail to new horizons and we are happy for him 😉
But Chakib (Developer), Wilfried (Senior Business Development Manager) and Emilie (Communication & Marketing Manager) joined the team. These are new sets of skills for Fasterize.

And besides, we moved and invested Creative Valley in the 13th in Paris.


  • Some encounters:

we met new people (customers and partners) who have placed their trust and have developed their conversion rates through our solution.


We also participated in beautiful events to meet you: E-commerce Paris 2014, the VelocityConf, Café Cloud by Numergy, IT Innovation Forum, WorldHostingDays … We also conducted a workshop on the Frenchweb site to explain the importance of performance in web marketing strategies.



  • Some tech news:

We developed several new features: the url versioning, the dynamic cache, multi-account, pré-loading, Geonosis, mobile redirection, the visual comparison, live chat or CSS on top …
We also improved our A / B test system and implemented Google Analytics tag into your website.

In terms of security, 2014 was an eventful year (Heartbleed faults, Shellshock, SSL, etc …) so we patched all machines in record time thanks to the complete automation of our architectures.
We also migrated all our machines, added capacity and once a week, we conducted a deployment.


  • Some sharing:

we released our first White Paper: Marketing Strategies : the bottom of the web performance. A first publication that we wish will be followed by many others!

We have also deployed, La France Qui Rame (soon available in english :)), a group for users who are tired to wait for their web page loading. Feel free to express yourself and use the hashtag #lafrancequirame or send an email to


  • Some Acknowledgements:

The press and bloggers talked about us: JDN (we published a monthly webperf barometer), BFM, L’Informaticien, Les News Eco, 01Net, ITweb, ChannelNews, l’Usine digitale, Influencia, PressMyWeb, PolyNet Online, Brusacoram etc.
We also had the honor of being rewarded with Eurocloud and SFR Jeunes Talents Start-Up 2014.


  • Some learnings:

2014 was also a year in which we learned a lot. In particular, we improved our incident management policy, both technically and communication.


And 2015 then?

This will be the year of the international !”, Andry, Senior Business Developement Manager.
This will be the year of new protocols (SSL, SPDY …).”, Anthony, Developper.
No doubt, 2015 will be a decisive year for Fasterize!”, Stéphane CEO Fasterize.

Again thank you to all who support us since the beginning of the adventure. And we wish you a very good Christmas and a happy New year to all!