Stephane Rios We Love Speed 2018

Fasterize was one of the co-organizers of We Love Speed 2018, the very first edition of this event dedicated to web performance during which Stéphane Rios set a few things straight regarding goals, key indicators and methodology required to analyze a website's performance.

Performance matters

Obviously « performance matters », especially for an e-commerce website for which business is key. You've probably heard before that, according to Amazon, "every 100 ms of latency costs them 1% in sales". Seriously?

There are a number of measurement tools and web performance indicators that allow to audit a website, and this is true both for the UX aspects (display, interactivity) and the technology. At We Love Speed, during his presentation, Stéphane Rios recalled the importance of Real User Monitoring (RUM) to avoid mixing causes, consequences, correlations... which may lead to hasty and incorrect conclusions.

To learn more about Fasterize's methods and Fasterize A / B test results with customers, take a moment to watch (again) Stephane Rios' contribution to We Love Speed, and see for yourself that the business impact of 100 milliseconds of Amazon is not always true. 

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