Why reduce your loading times?

taux de conversion

1 extra second = 12% lower
conversion on average


taux de conversion

53% of mobile web users leave a page
if it takes more than 3 seconds to load


taux de conversion

27% of users abandon their basket
because of loading times that are too long.


To find out more about the correlation between web performance and business, download our white paper:

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Our vision

At Fasterize, we want to give meaning to what we do.

Your website’s performance doesn’t stop at the milliseconds or KB that you save. We optimize your website to improve the total user experience. To that end, we pursue two complementary visions:

Performance brute

Raw performance

We reduce the number of requests and the weight of each object through smart image compression, image lazyloading and inlining, JS/CSS/HTML minification, JS/CSS concatenation, Gzip compression, browser caching, and a number of other techniques.


User Experience

To improve perceived loading speed, we display elements above the fold as soon as possible using a combination of progressive JPEG, deferJS, CSS on top, SmartCache, and more.

Smart Optimizations

Each of our optimizations is automated and designed to work well with each other, regardless of your technical environment. Too often webperf optimizations are badly applied and end up becoming counterproductive. With Fasterize, you are assured that your optimizations will remain effective. (i) for example, we do not lazyload the first images.

Find out more about our features

Fasterize, the smart and automated webperf platform

Fasterize works like a cloud-based proxy, rewriting HTML code on the fly – no need to install anything or change your code!

How does it work?


A dedicated team of R&D Experts

Guided by the figures, our webperf experts analyse website trends and technical debt in terms of performance, listening to customer feedback. Their tools include monitoring, auditing, and A/B testing, to name just a few.
Then, they design and create the optimizations to be included in our engine.
Every year, our team spends over 6,000 hours developing our engine and offering the best and smartest features to our clients.

What impact could Fasterize have on your website?

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