Fasterize: more than a SaaS solution,
dedicated support by web performance experts

Detailed performance overview

Website audits

We conduct detailed audits prior to integrating any of our solutions. This enables us to fully immerse ourselves in your code and establish a list of key areas for improvement.

  • How well does your website currently perform? Compared with your competitors?
  • How much acceleration is possible for your web site? What is its potential?
  • What optimizations will most benefit your web site? Our team will tailor the engine to suit your needs.

We adapt to your needs

Bespoke configuration

Each web site is different from the next and change with every update. We configure our engine to ensure maximum acceleration according to your web site’s specific make-up.

  • Website analysis
  • Ideal performance optimizations implemented and configured by our experts
  • Functionality tailored to your situation, tools, requirements, and future development plans
  • Expert assistance at your fingertips: support and guidance for your teams during the testing and handover process.

Expertise at your fingertips

Ongoing support tailored to your needs

Working with computers doesn’t make us any less human. We take enormous pride in the expert support that we offer at every stage of your website's life cycle.

  • Dedicated Account Manager / Customer Success Engineer
  • Ongoing consultation on best practices for web performance
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of performance metrics
  • In-house training on Fasterize’s functionality
  • Support to help you through critical periods (e.g. promotional sales, TV campaigns, etc.).
  • Dedicated rapid-response Support team

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Constant monitoring of the results

Data driven

We watch over your KPIs ! To that end, we employ A/B testing and monitoring tools such as web analytics, Fasterize, Pingdom, Webpagetest, SpeedCurve, Dareboost, PageSpeed Insights, and more.

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