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Exceed the limits of your web performance and generate an unrivalled worldwide user experience.

Boost your website speed instantly
Use your dashboard to fine tune your web performance as you implement a range of optimisations, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. Adopt a web-performance-as-a-service approach for optimum results!

Push the known limits of your web performance
Accelerate the loading speed of your pages by using the most advanced technologies available. Our solution integrates and harmonises all web performance optimisation strategies (CDN, image, third party data, load sequencing, HTML, etc.).

Dominate your market
Beat your competitors in the race for the best web performance by opting for the most effective solution on the market and winning new customers!


Reveal your website's business potential!

Turn your conversion rates around in just a few weeks!

+10% increase in conversion rates
Because ROI is king, Fasterize awakens the business potential lying dormant in your web performance. As a result, our customers are increasing their conversion rates by an average of 10%!

A high-performance website for all your users
Offer the best experience to every visitor, everywhere, every time (even on the train!). Has your web performance hit a glass ceiling? Break right through it with EdgeSpeed!

A/B testing module for guaranteed ROI
Find out how much you get for one second less loading time! Use our web performance AB tests to measure and reveal all the business potential hidden behind your code!


Unleash your website's SEO potential!

Reveal your website's potential and discover new traffic opportunities.

Implement your annual SEO roadmap in less than a month
Implement your SEO roadmap yourself. Correct your HTML tags, add content, modify links, manage your redirects, your network and your precious robot.txt file... quickly and easily, without having to call on your technical teams.

Integrate Test & Learn to dominate the SERPs
You can easily experiment with your SEO strategies to identify your top recs and maximise the impact of your optimisations in the SERPs. Take control of your SEO roadmap!

Boost your Core Web Vitals and see your score turn green
Turn your Core Web Vitals green in just a few weeks: it’s a real tie-breaker in competitive markets!

Increase the number of pages crawled by Google tenfold
Improving your site's loading speed also optimises your Crawl Budget, so that Google crawls more pages. Get better indexing for your content!


Manage your website optimisations & take charge of your performance!

Optimise, measure, perform... and then do it all again

Your performance monitored in detail
Analyse your speed indicators and how they change, based on your user data: examine your web performance with a fine-tooth comb, from your Core Web Vitals to the most advanced expert metrics.

Fine-tuned, customisable configuration
Orchestrate your optimisations from your dashboard with ease, adjusting them to suit your objectives, challenges and technical environment. Activate and deactivate your optimisations with a single click, and set them with the utmost precision.

A team praised by our customers = a pillar of your success
Fasterize is not just a top flight engine, it's also a lot of people striving for excellence. Our web performance experts are with you every step of the way, constantly striving to optimise your performance and propel you towards new heights.

Speed up your page display and the implementation of your SEO roadmap

Web performance is one of my top 3 most effective SEO optimisations in terms of visibility. Fasterize enables us to pull all the levers in terms of loading speed, and the impact on conversion rates is obvious.

SEO Director

Directeur SEO - Rakuten

We know that web performance is crucial for our business, and that it has also become an SEO issue. We had already implemented good practices, but we did not have enough time to continuously monitor and improve our performance. Fasterize allows us to automate all the optimizations we need, going well beyond basic recommendations.

Basile Bertrand

Innovation Director - ba&sh

We know that loading speed is essential to increase conversion rates and decrease bounce rates. 65% of our traffic comes from mobile, and we want conversions to be optimal for all our users, regardless of their equipment and browsing conditions.

Head of e-commerce - Aigle
Getting better Core Web Vitals meant we improved our SEO. Our pages are faster, so more of them are crawled, and we get better search rankings.

Olena Astafieva

SEO and Digital Content Manager - TUI France
Implementation was very fast. [...] Once all the necessary tests and parameter adjustments had been carried out, the solution was implemented. It all went very smoothly from start to finish.

Kaci Agoun

E-commerce Operations Manager - Conforama

The Fasterize team was transparent and committed, and quickly and efficiently got us over any hurdles we met on our way to achieving our web performance goals!

Samy Barthel

Head of e-commerce - Courir