At Fasterize, we want to give meaning to what we do.

Your website’s performance doesn’t stop at the milliseconds or KB that you save. We optimize your website to improve the total user experience. To that end, we pursue two complementary visions:

Raw Performance

Raw performance

We reduce the number of requests and the weight of each object through smart image compression, image lazyloading and inlining, JS/CSS/HTML minification, JS/CSS concatenation, Gzip compression, browser caching, and a number of other techniques.

User Experience

User Experience

To improve perceived loading speed, we display elements above the fold as soon as possible using a combination of progressive JPEG, deferJS, CSS on top, SmartCache, and more.

We are web performance experts, and we have honed our optimizations so that they don’t interfere with one another. For instance, we don’t apply lazyloading to images above the fold, and we don’t do concatenation with a single file.

Simple Integration


Fasterize is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. No need to install any hardware or software, or modify your code. It’s that simple–a turnkey solution, usable in just a few clicks.


It’s also easy to turn individual optimizations on or off, and changes take effect immediately. You can test each optimization, one after the other, while maintaining complete control of your website.

The browser sends an http request to the platform. Fasterize intercepts the traffic to your site (like a proxy).
Fasterize fetches the pages and resources from the origin server(s) and analyzes the html code, javascript, CSS and images.
Fasterize applies the optimization rules (from the most basic to the custom-coded rules). Each rule is carefully selected and tested by our technical experts, with a strict focus on the quality of our services.
Fasterize generates the optimized content and returns it to the browser. The content is cached if possible.

CDN, meet Fasterize

A CDN optimizes delivery of the content. Fasterize optimizes content. Fasterize and CDN are complementary solutions that, taken together, enable your website to reach peak performance, whatever your audience.

Starting from Business offer, Fasterize includes a complementary, high quality CDN service.

Of course, you can keep your own CDN, and Fasterize will take care of any necessary configuration.

We also offer several tools to manage your cache. For example, you can configure the cache for any resource on your site from a single, convenient interface. In addition, configuring your CDN via Fasterize allows you to remain independent of the chosen CDN. You can make changes at your convenience, without losing all of your configurations. And with URL versioning, purging the cache is a snap. Yes we like to make life easier for our customers!

At Fasterize, we choose to work with the best CDN on the market, based on two criteria that are hardwired into our DNA: performance and easy configuration.

Kick Performance into overdrive with multi-CDN

For companies wishing to maximize web performance, our partner Cedexis offers strategies and solutions for distributing multi-CDN content. Contact for more information.

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