IKKS websites are based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
Thanks to the optimizations implemented by Fasterize, the conversion rate for new mobile customers has increased by 20%!



+1M visits per month

+20% on mobile
for new customers

Salesforce Commerce Cloud


In store and online, IKKS claims a premium positioning and a strong commitment to the brand on behalf of its customers. With a total of 3 different lines: man / woman / child, and more than 400 IKKS branded stores in France and internationally, online sales represent 10 to 15% of the brand’s total sales.

Whether in store or online, the customer and the UX are core concerns. The e-commerce website navigation must be the best possible, in the same way that great attention is given to the customer when he or she enters an actual store.

In 2018, according to comparative studies with other websites, IKKS identified several web performance improvement targets and decided to make them a priority to strengthen its premium positioning.

We are well aware of user diversity, and the growing importance of mobile devices which represent 55 to 65% of our traffic. This number is growing constantly. Customers are more demanding and tend to hop from one site to another. People’s attention span and patience are limited, so we have to offer a performing mobile website.

Sébastien Girault, E-commerce Director


IKKS wanted to improve the customer experience with a ROI focused approach. During the tests, the stakes were as much about the user experience than about the business figures.

The website encounters significant load peaks during periods of high commercial concentration and the festive season. In these moments, the page loading time and response time must be as short as possible to meet the client's expectations.

To measure the impact of optimizations on a technical level, IKKS chose performance indicators such as Speed Index, Time To First Byte (TTFB), Start Render (SR), and Time To Interactive (TTI).

For IKKS, the most important marketing indicator - and which also made sense in terms of revenue - was the conversion rate!


The Fasterize Customer Success Engineer accompanied the IKKS teams throughout the roll-out phase to define which would be the most efficient settings for ikks.com.

IKKS chose the Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution and had almost nothing to change when implementing Fasterize - only a few modifications in the HTML code to identify tags to exclude from the cache.

Tanks to the audit delivered by Fasterize, and the advice of its web performance experts, IKKS was able to select which elements should be in the cache.

During this test phase, IKKS teams came together to validate the proper functioning of the website and all its tools: chat, search engine, personalisation ...

For implementing the solution, we put in place several A/B tests in order to measure the effects of Fasterize adjustments. It is important to take the necessary time to observe, and to dedicate a team to the revenue analysis. Web performance needs to be considered a major topic for the technical team and for the business team.

Sébastien Girault, E-commerce Director

Fasterize is perfectly compatible with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, as it is with all E-commerce platforms.

Freddy Poux, Web & E-Commerce Manager


Responsiveness is Fasterize’s key word, especially when it comes to supporting its customers! For mobile devices, IKKS wanted the possibility to extract the fonts of CSS files. This feature was immediately prioritised in the Fasterize roadmap for IKKS.

We have developed a specific feature for IKKS. We had indeed noticed that the fonts were part of the CSS, and this was slowing down pages. The feature we implemented for our client allows to extract fonts which are directly included in CSS files in order to improve page loading times.

Anthony Barré

Anthony Barré - CTO, Fasterize


For some segments, the conversion rate evolution is very clear:
  • on mobile devices in particular, it was 3 times higher than for desktops;
  • with new customers, it was 5 times higher than for historical customers.
Thanks to Fasterize, IKKS made significant progress on two of its main goals:
  • develop its mobile experience, turning it into an essential buying channel;
  • attract new customers with an optimized digital experience.
Web performance KPIs have improved:
  • Speed Index -30%
  • Time To First Byte - 60%
  • Time To Interactive -50%
  • Start Render -40%

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