French brand Petit Bateau improves its conversion rates by 10% simply by reducing the loading times if its e-commerce websites.



6M page views per month



Petit Bateau was born in Troyes, France, more than 125 years ago. The brand has always been innovation driven: whether at the product level (creator of the panties) or regarding strategy, in particular with digital. Their digital staff is not part of the Retail or international department, it is managed in a "startup" mode to make sure it remains innovative.

Petit Bateau generates 300 million euros in sales and the brand is present worldwide: Europe, Japan, China...

A few months ago, the e-commerce website met with speed related issues. The problem has been growing in same time as mobile use is growing.

For the brand, the mobile website accounts for 50% of traffic in France, 85% of traffic in Japan and 75% in Italy.


The goal of Petit Bateau is to improve the speed of its website for desktop and mobile, to improve the user experience and eventually the conversion rate.

The key indicator chosen by Petit Bateau is the average loading time tracked on Google Analytics. Petit Bateau also measured the effects of optimisations by analysing the conversion rates.

Fasterize has offered us an interesting way to test the solution. We tested Fasterize in one country by way of an A / B test on response time. In parallel, we realised that our turnover was increasing gradually.

Christel Hennion - Digital Director


The implementation began with a first two-months test in a specific country in order to verify the performance and the ROI.

Once the solution is configured specifically for the website, the connection done, the web pages are optimised in real time: image optimisation, JavaScript and CSS minification, browser cache optimisation, deferred loading of JavaScript, lazyloading of images, etc.

Many features can be activated within minutes and the technical gains are rapid:

-15% Start Render
-18% Speed Index
-26% DOM ready
-12% Loading Time

The A / B tests put in place show a 2% profit on the transformation rate, enough to prove ROI.


Once the solution was put into practice in all countries, Fasterize's technical teams spotted several issues that had not been noticed during the initial test. That's when the team support was reinforced: for several weeks, Fasterize helped the technical teams of Petit Bateau to migrate the load balancing part of their infrastructure.

Considering that the store applications use the same elements as the website, but with much greater technical constraints (including security), the implementation of Fasterize must take this into account and the choice of CDN also becomes a structuring element. Fasterize chooses and sets up for Petit Bateau an Anycast CDN that can easily be authorised by the brand's Information systems division.

The Fasterize teams continue to support the brand in each of its important actions: sales, birthdays, private sales ...

The Fasterize teams were good at explaining process and techniques, although the context was complicated. Also, we saw the first results appear in just one month. Fasterize is a true must-have. It is strategic that performances must be excellent with respect to our customers, for the optimisation of the customer experience and a closer relationship to the brand.

Christel Hennion - Digital Director


Since the Fasterize solution was implemented across all countries, profit is much higher than it was during the A / B test. Overall, the conversion rate has been improved by 10% across all countries.

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