A leader in the French tourism market, TUI.fr was launched in 2016. The group's brands have gradually been grouped together on this platform, generating ever-increasing traffic.
Supported by the SEO team, web performance is a priority for this travel specialist whose quality of customer experience is recognized and proven down to the smallest detail.



+50% in peaks

2x more fast pages
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TUI France is a subsidiary of TUI Group, which includes the “made in France” brands Club Marmara, Club Lookéa, and Circuits Nouvelles Frontières. Across 4,000 travel agencies, the TUI Stores network, and its website TUI.fr, the company’s quality of service won an award in March 2020, taking first place in the “Podium de la Relation Client®,” organised by BearingPoint and Kantar in partnership with Salesforce.

This attention to the customer experience is reflected at every level and, naturally, web page speeds are part of that.

For this reason, the user experience has to be optimised on every device, particularly mobile devices, which represent 50% of website traffic and whose usage is constantly growing.

As such, all of TUI’s teams are aware of the importance of loading speeds and of offering a high-quality user experience, no matter the device being used for navigation, including mobile devices.

So, to further boost performance and satisfy the ever-increasing expectations of website users on all devices, the SEO team from TUI.fr took action on two fronts as part of their continuous improvement approach:

  • first, by systematically incorporating web performance into the website’s technical optimisations, particularly to meet the requirements of Google in terms of speed;
  • second, by continuing the work of educating employees about webperf by implementing training media, tracking tools, and more, in order to make sure that webperf is routinely integrated into every project.
Speed is important in the Google algorithm, and it’s also an integral part of our vision for the user experience. It’s a concern for numerous teams: SEO, IT, Projects, Marketing, and more. It’s a cross-functional matter that’s important for all of us. In response to this challenge, we were looking for a partner to assist us, someone who could dialogue with all internal stakeholders. That is precisely the strength of Fasterize: they’re able to talk with every team, whether on the technical side or the business side.

Séverine Antoine - SEO and Online Editorial Content Manager


  • Taking optimizations further

By turning to Fasterize, the goal of TUI.fr was to further optimise its loading times by relying on recommendations from Google. The basic idea was that if these requirements were met for the SEO aspects, that would naturally have a positive impact on the user experience.

  • Absorbing traffic peaks and optimizing the crawl budget

Another important aspect for TUI.fr, whose business experiences seasonal peaks: being able to absorb increases in traffic and maintain a good “time to first byte” and a good speed index, even during heavy traffic.
Indeed, during promotional campaigns, the site must remain available so that customers can finalise their purchases; at the same time, the website must remain fast so that Google can continue to crawl as many pages as possible in as little time as possible.

The crawl budget is very important for us. Indeed, the faster pages load, the more pages can be indexed; but that’s not all: a fast website also increases the chances of appearing in the Google Discover recommendations. Thus, during periods when people are planning their holidays, having our holiday offer pages promoted by the search engine can have a strong impact on our revenues!

Séverine Antoine - SEO and Online Editorial Content Manager


TUI.fr relies on a custom CMS. The SEO team wanted to deploy Fasterize to meet the company’s business needs, particularly related to content with the greatest ROI.

In spite of a slow period for business because of the pandemic, deployment was fast and was made easier by the involvement of all teams.

The deployment of Fasterize was fluid and efficient, even though we had reduced staffing. In all, around 10 people from various teams were involved: IT, Projects, UX, and more. They worked over a total period of less than three months, without any need whatsoever to modify our source code.

Olena Astafieva - SEO Technical Project Manager

Favorite features

  • Traffic Limiter

During peak traffic, especially during promotional campaigns, Fasterize can redirect traffic to an overflow page so that the website remains available. This option can be easily activated from the dashboard and can absorb a large number of visits so that the website can handle the load. In terms of SEO, Google can also continue to crawl the website under optimum conditions. As such, it’s an option that addresses all aspects: UX, SEO, and load balancing to relieve servers.

  • SmartCache

This feature makes it possible to optimise the cache strategy and facilitates the management of pages containing dynamic content (up to 62% for certain pages). It works by distinguishing dynamic content from static content, caching all content that can be cached. This is essential for landing pages and homepages with high stakes in terms of image and business.

  • Images Lazyloading

This technique is applied automatically, helps optimise the loading of images, and boosts the impression of speed. Indeed, Fasterize improves overall performance and with this feature, the engine boosts the perception of speed, which is crucial for UX.


The teams at TUI.fr independently use the Fasterize dashboard to empty the cache, make adjustments as needed, and more. They turn to their dedicated Customer Success Engineer for more advanced settings like, for example, modifications to the SmartCache.

The platform is really easy to access and use. Its options are clear. We have quickly gotten comfortable with making changes and we receive very responsive support when we have questions or encounter difficulties.

Olena Astafieva - SEO Technical Project Manager

In addition to accelerating the pages of TUI.fr, my goal was to give their teams independence in controlling the optimisations offered by our solution. The guarantee of having all webperf best practices and a smart cache applied automatically to their platform allows the teams to dedicate time to other technical and marketing aspects.
I provide regular support, discussing with them specific matters related to updates to their content. I also track the impact of the optimisations over time.

Nicolas Hodin

Nicolas Hodin - Customer Success Engineer, Fasterize


The involvement of all teams, from both the technical and business sides, enabled rapid implementation of Fasterize, giving a real boost to work already carried out in house.

It has been a success in terms of webperf and marketing KPIs. TUI’s teams have developed their skills while having their workload lightened thanks to the automated optimisation of loading speeds.

To maintain performance in the long run, the SEO team verifies that loading times and all aspects of performance are preserved with each new update made to the website.

After the deployment of Fasterize, the “time to first byte” (TTFB, an indicator tied to indexing) was reduced by 75% on mobile devices for the Club pages and the Speed Index improved by 49% on Holidays pages on mobile devices.

Additionally, the website doubled its number of pages considered “fast” according to Botify.


  • Mobile
    • TTFB mobile -62 %
    • Speed Index mobile -38 %
    • Start Render mobile -36 %
  • Desktop
    • TTFB desktop -60 %
    • Speed Index desktop -50 %
    • Start Render desktop -38 %


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