The French manufacturerMinelli had very strong ambitions on mobile. The E-commerce team had identified speed as a key lever to improve conversions and reduce bounce rates. So, for continuously optimized performance, and a web site that is always fast without effort, the retailer relies on the SaaS solution from Fasterize, whose ROI it has been able to see.



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Minelli is a leader in the French footwear market and also sells leather accessories. The company produces 70% of its goods in Europe, with over 200 retail locations across France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, and the company is striving to keep growing internationally.

The e-commerce team noticed that its sales platform was slow at times. Since they didn’t have web performance resources in-house, they regularly turned to freelancers to accelerate their web pages and maintain a high-quality UX. However, over time, this solution proved to be very costly. Web performance must be continuously optimised, and so the company was stuck in an endless cycle of hiring contractors to speed up web pages.

Minelli.fr also wanted to increase purchases on mobile devices, but that’s harder to do than for computers.

So, to achieve its objectives and save its human and financial resources, Minelli.fr turned to Fasterize to automate the optimisation of its front end.
The team first assessed the cost-effectiveness of the solution, establishing a conversion rate that needed to be reached to ensure the solution’s ROI.

We were looking for a solution that would allow us to automatically and continuously maintain page speeds, and also ensure that all pages on our website would be fast on both mobile devices and computers. Fasterize seemed like an obvious solution given its effectiveness and easy implementation. We immediately measured progress on our marketing and business KPIs.

Marion Almairac - Digital & CRM Senior Manager


  • Accelerate all pages for the long term
  • Highlight visual elements and improve the UX
    Images and video are important on Minelli.fr. For this fashion brand, content must be of high quality while allowing for rapid loading of pages. The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are inextricably linked. In addition, the e-commerce team wanted to increase the presence of videos, which was made possible by optimising the weight of pages.
  • Maintaining speed and availability during peak traffic periods
    While previously customers would go to physical shops to browse for items and then order online, the special circumstances of 2020 helped grow online traffic and conversion rates. Minelli wanted to ensure that their website would be fast and available, even with heavy traffic, so that all users could browse and finalise their orders on a website that’s fast and available under all circumstances.
  • Confirming the ROI of the SaaS solution and increasing revenues

All of our projects are oriented towards ROI. As such, we didn’t define webperf technical indicators to be attained. We simply chose to observe the impact the solution would have on our revenues to decide whether we wanted to use it. We calculated that with a 0.5% increase in conversion, the SaaS solution would be profitable. Given that, in the retail sector, Fasterize helps improve conversion rates by at least 5% to 10%, there was very little risk. We also really needed to improve the speed of our web pages!

Marion Almairac - Digital & CRM Senior Manager

Our website presents hundreds of products that we show off with visuals and animations. We needed to effectively and quickly optimise our content libraries, particularly for visuals, but also with JS and CSS. These elements help us enrich our pages. They inspire people and have an impact on business. The website is regularly updated and we need our tools to continuously adapt! Because of this, automation is very valuable for us. It allows us to progress while continuing to improve the user experience and navigation. Implementing the Fasterize solution allowed us to carry out some great development projects for both the front end and the back end.

Maniline Sayarath - E-commerce Manager


After proving the solution’s ROI, deployment took place over less than 8 weeks.

Each optimisation was tested according to the recommendations in the acceptance testing requirements to confirm the impact on loading speeds and adjust the settings in the optimisation engine.

There was no need to change any source code. Traffic was simply redirected to Fasterize, which can then carry out its role as a proxy to optimise the code on the fly.


Each optimisation can be activated and deactivated on the platform via the Fasterize dashboard. Minelli’s teams continue to make adjustments to keep further boosting the benefits of the engine.

The settings made on the cache have proven to be very effective. Also, the fact that it retains control over all of its infrastructure, particularly the cache, is very reassuring for Minelli.

The company really appreciates the responsiveness of the dedicated Customer Success Engineer. They also really like the idea of being able to track their performance via DataStudio and the cloud SEO features planned by Fasterize.

We wanted to address web performance while taking up as little time as possible for our internal resources because we can’t continuously focus on webperf, creating tickets, asking the technical team to fix and test things, etc. We needed a simple way of organising the work. Fasterize allowed us to meet all of these objectives at once: simplicity, efficiency, and ROI.

Marion Almairac - Digital & CRM Senior Manager

As part of the support I offer to Minelli, I work with their other partners, particularly Itelios, who is their Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration specialist for the technical foundation of the platform. Being able to coordinate with everyone involved makes implementing Fasterize much easier.

Benoît Houpeau - Customer Success Engineer, Fasterize


As soon as the solution was deployed, Minelli immediately observed an improvement in loading times. This improvement in the user experience has had a positive impact on:
  • the speed of all pages, notably on mobile devices,
  • bounce rates, which decreased by 30% compared to the previous year,
  • SEO, with more pages crawled by Google,
  • the conversion rate, which increased 16% (Q3+Q4 2020 vs. 2019).
  • Desktop
    • Speed Index -52% (as much as -64% on the homepage)
    • Start Render -50%
    • Time to First Byte -46%
  • Mobile
    • Speed Index -35%
    • Start Render -27%
    • Time to First Byte -42%

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