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Fasterize automatically makes your website faster

  • no software or hardware setup
  • no code change
  • with an advanced dashboard

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What is Fasterize ?

Our technology allows to immediately reduce by 30 to 50% your Web pages loading time.

We do not optimize your servers, your network neither your databases, it remains your own infrastructure. We only modify HTML pages while standing in front of your web site.

Learn how it works.

It's automatic !

We developed an engine that takes the whole HTML pages and apply in real time some optimization rules before sending it back to the user.

This engine is built on our highly scalable, performant and resilient platform.

Discover the optimization of the service.

It's transparent !

No software or hardware setup, you are only two lines of configuration away from an immediate impact.

In the dashboard, you can activate the service, choose the optimizations and measure their impacts

Our service is in production so try us !

You are in good company

Got some questions?

Can you optimize any site types?

Yes, any kind of language or CMS.

Do you optimize mobile site?


If your plateform is offline, what is the impact on my site?

None, your site remains online.

Do you have a RUM feature?

Yes, you can see loading time, time to click, loaded images, 404, etc ...

How can I see the impact of Fasterize?

Sign up!

Modifying the HTML code, isn't it too risky?

Yes, it could be risky but we have tools to mitigate these risks.

Hey, I could use these rules by myself, couldn't I?

Why not! But it takes time and it requires an expertize.

Finally, you're just another cache, like a CDN?

No, the content of the page is optimized directly! We include a CDN in the offer for 100 000 pages and more.

More questions? More detailled answers? Read the FAQs.