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Discover Fasterize web performance audits

Our audits give you a better understanding of your web performance as well as a comprehensive list of recommendations tailored to your site.

  • A modular structure to suit your needs:
we work with you to determine the scope of the mission at the kick-off (context, expectations, pages to be tested, devices, audience, etc.);

  • a detailed assessment of your web performance:
we analyse the loading speed of the selected pages using the most revealing metrics: TTFB, FirstContentfulPaint, Start Render, Speed Index, TimeToInteractive, and more – using all the tools in our toolbox (WebpageTest, CrUX, GA, your in-house tools);

  • and a roadmap to prioritise optimisations
    based on their impact on your site’s speed.

We give you all the deliverables you need to improve your web performance.

analyser son site avec un audit de web performance

Is this audit for you?

  • Have you noticed slowdowns but don’t have the resources to look into the problem?

  • Don’t have the webperf skills in-house to carry out an in-depth study?

  • Have you already optimised your resources but need a helping hand to take it further?

  • Have you identified areas that need work but you don’t know how to tackle them?

  • Do you want to set out your webperf roadmap?

Then you’ve certainly come to the right place – put our expertise to good use!
analyse performance site web par un expert FEO

Why call on a web performance expert?

Understanding the entirety of your architecture to identify all its components and their impact on your web performance is obviously essential. But our teams’ expertise doesn’t stop there:

  • understanding the subtle differences between browsers when loading pages and taking these into account,

  • deciphering measurements,

  • performing JavaScript profiling,

  • being able to implement lazyloading or asynchronous script loading,

  • identifying CSS rules that are slowing down your site,

  • and configuring TCP settings to accelerate resource loading

are all areas that Fasterize teams are experts in. And our expertise is growing every day, with more sites connected, analysed and optimised via Fasterize.

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