Slow to load

Just a few weeks after the “Red Slow Label”, Google seems to try a new way to point out a slow website when you make mobile research: a “Slow to load” exclamation.

In fact, a user wrote on his blog that he was searching for a video (Jurassic World trailer) when he saw the note “Slow to load”:

Slow to load

It’s worse with a slow connection

The user explains that, at this time he had a very slow connection and, as you can see, this label is only associated to videos (which are heavy and take time to load).
This new label could be directly related to the user’s connection and warn him that the load will take (too) long.

This new experimentation takes part to the “Mobile Friendly” Google strategy that continues to grow to ensure the best experience to mobile users.

Indeed, this kind of message is growing: we had ourselves the opportunity to see the message “This Site May be hacked.”

hack website

All of these clues let us think that the load time of mobile contents will take an important part of the next Google updates.

If it’s a good news for users, it means that all webmasters should be aware of their speed and should work on their mobile webperformance.

Do you want to know more about the actual speed of your website and what is its potential?