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"How web performance impacts digital strategies" is a white paper dedicated to ecommerce and digital manager to introduce them to web performance. Web performance isn’t just a concern for IT departments you too have a part to play.


In October 2000, the average webpage size was 89 KB (including images and scripts). Today’s average is 2.6 MB, which is a 30-fold increase in 15 years! Meanwhile, the number of searches has risen 10-fold.
As mobile usage continues to grow, you need to streamline and optimize your websites, otherwise you risk losing your users – or worse still, driving them towards your rivals.

The aim of this white paper is to show how your website’s loading speed can impact your KPIs.

Here you will find:
  • some case studies on the impacts of the webperf on online business (conversion rate, average order value, SEO, UX, and so on.)
  • an overview of the technical metrics that assess the loading speed of a website (as well as tools that allow you to measure it)


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