Why should you need to make your web site go faster?

Perhaps you are thinking that your web site doesn’t need speeding up? But have you ever actually measured the speed of your web site? And have you actually run a speed check on it recently to make sure it never goes slow?

Simply looking at how fast your site feels is not enough when it comes to assessing the speed of your web site. Actual loading times can depend on a number of factors: which page is being viewed, which browser is being used, whether there is any caching, the type of connection (ADSL, 3G, Edge, etc.), the type of device is being used, etc.

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Content Delivery Network: 11 Questions & Answers

Web performance is a crucial factor for any ecommerce website, and CDNs are among the many solutions available to improve this performance. In this article, we’ll review some of the questions our customers have asked about CDNs. We hope our answers will give you a clearer understanding of CDNs, as they have for our customers.

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Speed Index: a key metric for the user experience

Speed Index UX
Clicks are crucial in today's fiercely competitive world. This is why the user (and the user experience) is at the focal point of businesses’ strategies.
One of the main obstacles to a good user experience is the time taken for web pages to load. We’ve all experienced those blank pages that take forever to load... How much time have you spent waiting?
And it's worth noting that web users start losing patience after just 2 seconds, on average. So, page loading times are clearly an essential issue in terms of the user experience.

Here are a few key metrics that have been used over the years to measure page loading performance:

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Case study: a leading cosmetics company opts for automated website acceleration

case study Fasterize
This global leader in cosmetics operates in a fiercely competitive market and aims to consolidate its position by offering its customers a high-performance website and optimal user experience. The brand has chosen to include its website speeds in its strategy, as it understands the drawbacks of a slow website (81% of French web users would think twice before buying from a slow site).

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Mobile-first: Let’s talk about performance


When we speak about mobile-first, we usually forget to mention performance.
This comes from a misunderstanding of mobile networks restrictions and mobile power.

Nevertheless, mobile performance is crucial: 71% of mobile users expect a web page to load at least as fast on mobile as on computer (versus 58% in 2009) and 46% consider that websites usually are slower on mobile than on computer.
60% of mobile users think that a web page should load in less than 3 seconds on a mobile.
So how can we improve performance and go beyond the constraints of a mobile world? Continue reading Mobile-first: Let’s talk about performance

2014 : feedback from a pivotal year for Fasterize

Fasterize celebrated its 3rd anniversary this year. And in 3 years … it has grown up!
When we remember our beginnings and our adventures, we cannot help but smile!
Of course, as all startups we have experienced ups and downs, good days and bad days. But our motivation came through unscathed.
So we have decided to (re) share this wonderful year with you! Continue reading 2014 : feedback from a pivotal year for Fasterize